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The EZ-Flow Product Line

Foam Packing Equipment - GHC 220

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GHC-220 Heavy Duty System

info-iconsOur top of the line. The GHC-220 will handle any size of container or any volume of foam you want to dispense. This unit is the best fit for assembly line use and for really big applications. The GEN IV Controller allows accurate temperature control, internal diagnostics, and safety features for your peace of mind.

Foam Packing Equipment - GHC 110

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GHC-110 Medium Duty System

info-iconsOur most popular unit. Perfect for most applications, the GHC-110 is robust and durable, reasonably priced, and easy to use. Built with many of the same heavy duty components as our GHC-220, but uses standard 110V wall power.

Now with our GEN IV technology for greater safety and ease of use.

Foam Packing Equipment - LPS-2

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LPS-2 Low Pressure Spray system

Foam Packing InfoA low cost alternative for insulation and other spray applications, this system uses most of the components of our standard GHC-220 Pour system with E-Z Flow’s specially designed Spray Cartridge.

This allows you to spray most types of insulation foam, without having to pay $20,000 or more for elaborate high pressure equipment. Our LPS-2 system is well suited for smaller spray jobs, such as insulating your own home without having to pay a contractor.

Foam Packing Equipment - Drum Pumps

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Drum Pumps

We offer Stainless Steel pneumatic Drum Pumps from IPM, in either standard (for 55 gallon drums) or short lengths (for 15 gallon kits). Proven and reliable, with safety features exclusive to E-Z Flow, these pumps are designed to give years of trouble free operation.


Several options are available for custom applications. These include:

  • A Shot Timer for the Medium and Heavy Duty systems. With this option, you can program up to six different timed shots in succession. Ideal for repetitive operations such as filling molds.
  • Custom cartridges: We can provide cartridges with different ratios, up to 3:1 A to B or B to A. We can also offer larger orifices for higher pour volumes or higher viscosity chemicals.
  • Remote Dispensing Head: A modification of our standard Dispensing Gun, for use in robotic applications or other areas where remote dispensing is needed. Can be mounted on a variety of platforms.Please contact us for more details.