E-Z Flow Foam Systems doesn’t currently have a receptionist. If you call the main number, 858-279-3569 (279-FLOW), the person answering is usually John Gowen, our Sales Manager. If you’re calling with a problem or a technical question, John can usually help you. If it’s complicated, he will ask for help, either from Bill, the Production Manager, or me. I’m Jim Train, the President of the company, and if you’re a customer, you can always ask for me.

When you call with an issue, of any kind, we will stay with you until the problem is solved. Usually, we will suggest a course of action to you, which will take you a few minutes to accomplish, and ask you to call us back when you’re finished, to make sure the problem is solved (which it normally is). If the problem is still there, then I certainly get involved. I will take the call, and I’ll figure out what’s wrong, based on your description, and maybe a photo or two that you will send to us.

If your issue requires parts, we will ship what you need the same day we get the call. No excuses. If you need it tomorrow, you’ll get it tomorrow. The only time that doesn’t happen is if UPS or Fed Ex let us down with their next day delivery service, which unfortunately is beyond our control.

When you get the parts you need, you can call us, and we will walk you through installing them. There is nothing really complicated about our equipment. It’s designed to be simple, basic, easy to use and maintain. It seldom takes more than 20 minutes to clean, repair, or change any of the system’s components. (Of course, if you haven’t kept it clean, and there’s dried foam all over it, it will probably take somewhat longer!)

Our foam packing and dispensing equipment is modular, which means you only have to replace one part in order to get back up and running. It’s also completely user serviceable, and we will help you with that in any way we can.

As an E-Z Flow customer, when you are down, we take that as an emergency. We want that equipment to be useful for you, every time you need it. We will not breathe easily until we hear from you that you’re making good foam again.

If you want to talk about an unusual application, to ask us if it lends itself to our products, please call! We welcome these calls also. Our customers have come to us with so many different uses for the product, most of them successful. We can usually make your job easier and reduce your costs.

If you’re a customer, you’ve probably already talked to us, and seen our dedication to customer service first hand. If you’re not a customer, please call us, and give us a chance to serve you also.