NOTICE: As of April 2021, pricing of all plastic products, including polyurethane foam, is very volatile. Please expect price increases at any time. We apologize for this, and we will do our best to moderate these increases, but we are seeing them across the entire industry.

Packaging Foam - Universal

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Order Foam Packing Equipmentinfo-iconsConventional packaging foam, made for E-Z Flow by BASF. Currently available in densities of .4, .5, and 1 pound per cubic foot. Usable in ANY standard Foam In Place system, made by any manufacturer.

We can ship in 55 gallon drums (standard) or 15 gallon sets.

More information on Universal Foam

Packaging Foam Poly Film

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icon-orderAvailable in widths of 36” (unfolds to 72”) or 48” (unfolds to 96”). 1900 feet per roll.
We also offer electrostatic film, as well as 19″ wide film for use in certain other makes of equipment.
Standard color is silver. For other sizes or colors, please inquire.

Packaging Foam Solvent

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icon-orderinfo-iconsE-Z Solv makes foam cleanup a lot easier. Can also be used in the E-Z Flow Gun Holder Tray.
Available in one quart and one gallon sizes.

More Info on E-Z Solv

Packaging Foam Slide Resin Remover

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SLIDE Resin Remover

icon-orderThis quickly clears clogged Cartridge ports, and can be used to clean other parts as well.