Our equipment is very flexible, and capable of performing well in a wide variety of applications. Here are some of them. Our customers continue to surprise us with new uses for the E-Z Flow system.

Foam Packaging


As shown on our home page, E-Z Flow can provide the best solutions for your packaging foam and shipment protection needs. We strive to offer the lowest cost per cubic foot of any protective packaging on the market, saving you from over spending on packaging costs.

We also offer a wide range of custom foam packing options for many unique applications.

Flotation Foam


Flotation foam is the backbone for safety on any watercraft or vessel. With our US Coast Guard approved flotation foam, you can fill Buoys, Pontoons, Floating Docks, Barges, Boat Hulls, and any other flotation devices. Our flotation foam conforms to any shape or cavity giving you the flexibility to use it on any unique application. One of our customers was recently able to salvage a large and expensive barge by using our flotation foam and equipment. Our flotation foam is a great solution for older boats that are undergoing restoration and need new flotation added to conform to boating rules.

Learn more about our Flotation Foam!

Thermal Foam Insulation


Using E-Z Flow’s polyurethane foam equipment, you can fill almost any hollow space with high R-value thermal insulating foam. Our customers have used our insulating foam to make everything from ovens and refrigerators, to filling the wall cavities of buildings with this thermal foam.

Our clients have seen savings in heating and cooling costs from insulating with our thermal foam.

Foam for Movie Props and Halloween


From Zombies to inflatable pumpkins, holiday yard props to hanging decorations, use our packaging foam to fill your festive constructed props and decorations. Our polyurethane foam will fill the most intricate spaces required for props and decorations ensuring a more permanent and reusable decoration you can use year after year.

Many of today’s movie sets, backgrounds, and props for theater and film productions are made with our low density polyurethane foam, similar to our packaging foam. Our foam packing offers the versatility to fill the intricate spaces required for stage and movie props. We will be happy to describe how this is done to help you achieve professional looking results.

Molded Foam


Building a mold and mold base from molded foam has never been easier. Using our molded foam products, it allows you to make hundreds of precise cushions or shapes. Difficult shapes are our specialty as we can contour our molded foam to nearly any shape or angle.

We can assist you in selecting and fabricating the right mold for your custom project or application.

Structural Foam


Believe it or not, structural foam is a great building material. Our customers build entire houses and buildings out of our closed cell polyurethane foam! With great insulating properties and structural strength, polyurethane foam is an option for a construction material for low cost housing, or for when more traditional building materials are unavailable or unsuitable.

We’d love to consult with you on any creative or unique projects you have that require a structural foam component.


We can customize our equipment to make it suitable for an even wider range of applications. Some of what we’ve already done is shown below. Call us, and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can provide a custom solution for your needs also!

Timer System


This option allows for programming up to six shot times, and easily turning each of them on and off. If desired, from two to six shot times can be made in sequence. Timer units are normally in stock.

Remote Gun for Robotic Foam Applications


If your application calls for a remote gun, to be operated automatically, this dispenser can be mounted on almost any type of equipment, and can be triggered by a Timer system, or with a custom installation, allowing input either manually, or from a different source such as a limit switch.


We can also mount several dispensing guns together, to allow a broad application of foam over a wider area. Depending on your requirements, we can place these dispensers in different configurations. Tell us your application, and we’ll design a custom system to meet your requirements. 

Our current customers have requested that we not post photos of the systems we have built for them.