E-Z Flow’s equipment, using BASF’s U.S. Coast Guard approved closed cell flotation foam, has been an excellent, cost effective solution for many maritime jobs. From small projects, such as filling the pontoons of family pontoon boats or the inner hulls of cabin cruisers, to re-floating a derelict coal barge on the Kanawha River, we have been able to provide the answer for flotation requirements. Recently, we were called upon to fill a large floating dock with foam. Time (and rust) had allowed water into the flotation compartments, so we were asked if we could fill it so it would float for ten more years.

Flotation Foam

As we first saw it. Some 40 feet long and pitted with rust holes.

Flotation Foam

On the job. Dispensing several hundred cubic feet of foam into the flotation chambers, in three days.

Flotation Foam

And the end result: It floats! And it rides a couple of feet higher in the water than it did when it was new. Not only will this dock still be floating ten years from now, but I’m confident that it will easily last 20-30 years. At this point, all the structure is doing is containing the foam, so it doesn’t matter if the structure degrades. The foam will last much longer than the iron surrounding it.

We can provide a cost effective solution for any size flotation job, from small to very large.

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