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E-Z Flow can provide all your packing foam & Foam-In-Place requirements, for equipment and supplies, for packaging, insulation, or any other foam application.

We can reduce your packaging costs!

We’ve got equipment for any size Foam-In-Place job, large or small. We’ve got top quality, low cost chemicals and supplies, for E-Z Flow or any other brand of Foam In Place equipment.


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View our selection of basic, durable, cost-effective Packing Foam & Foam-In-Place equipment.


Packing Foam Supplies

We offer a full line of foam chemicals, for packaging and many other uses, as well as poly film, solvents, etc.



Polyurethane foam has many uses besides packaging. We’d like to help you find a good solution to fit your needs!


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E-Z Flow packing foam products are available nationwide and worldwide.

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Testing Foam

As far as we know (and please let us know if we are wrong!), E-Z Flow Foam Systems is the ONLY non-captive (not owned by a foam blender or manufacturer) company that offers testing of any company's polyurethane foam products in our equipment. We will evaluate the data...

Structural Foam

More and more people and companies are discovering the uses of structural foam. We have one customer that builds complete houses in Third World countries, using our foam and equipment. They mold one complete wall panel at a time. Another customer molds large building...

Access to the Boss

E-Z Flow Foam Systems doesn't currently have a receptionist. If you call the main number, 858-279-3569 (279-FLOW), the person answering is usually John Gowen, our Sales Manager. If you're calling with a problem or a technical question, John can usually help you. If...

Polyurethane Foam in Place Applications

Check out E-Z Flow Foam’s diverse range of foam products for various foam applications. From creating realistic props with their prop foam to enhancing energy efficiency with thermal insulation foam, EZFlo Foam offers solutions for molded foam, structural foam, flotation foam, and foam packaging needs. Explore their website to discover how their foam products can cater to your specific requirements.