System Requirements

Electric Power: 110 volts at 15 amps
(standard 3-prong grounded wall receptacle)

Compressed Air: 90-120 PSI, 3-4 CFM, with filtration and dryer


  • Electronic Controller, 14” H x 12” W x 7” D, controls hose temperatures, with digital display of actual and set temperatures on both hoses, temperature adjustable from 80-170 degrees F
  • Heated Hoses, one each for “A” (isocyanate) and “B” (polyol resin), ½” I.D., braided stainless steel over Teflon, 20 ft long, with coil heater the full length of each hose, #8 JIC swivel fittings to attach to Gun
  • Dispensing Gun, with rebuildable Cartridge Assy (see below), impingement mix, air actuated, consisting of three  subassemblies: Handle Assy, Valve Block Assy, and Air Motor Assy. Weight of gun is 2 lbs 14 oz. Designed for fluid pressure  of 200-300 PSI. Primary material: black anodized 6061 aluminum
  • Cartridge Assembly for Dispensing Gun, fully rebuildable, standard orifice size .040”, several other orifice sizes available from .020” to .060”. Standard ratio is 1:1, custom ratios available up to 3:1. Design life is 12,000 to 15,000 shots. Housing material is 303 Stainless, mixing chamber is of special grade Teflon, and valving rod is hardened stainless steel, ground and polished
  • Drum Pumps, 2” diameter, air actuated, inserted into drums, stainless, 2:1 ratio (100 PSI air input, 200 PSI fluid output), made by IPM, available in short (for 15 gallon sets) and standard (for 55 gallon drums) lengths


  • Hose Hanger, for suspending hoses off the ground. Tool balancer (not included) may be added if desired; E-Z Flow recommends using W W Grainger # 6Z158
  • Gun Holder/Solvent Tray, stainless, includes wire brush for cleaning tip of Cartridge after each shot, designed to hold Gun when not in use


  • Output: 6-10 pounds per minute of mixed chemicals, depending on input air pressure and viscosity of chemicals used. The GHC-110 can provide 20-30 seconds of shot time (3-5 lbs) of heated chemical. This is adequate for 4-10 cubic feet of finished foam, depending on the density used. For larger containers or voids, it may be necessary to make a layer of foam, then wait for the temperatures to recover, and make another layer until complete. For sustained or repeated use, the GHC-220 Heavy Duty system is recommended.
  • Types of chemical: Most two part polyurethane formulations intended for pouring applications, including open cell, closed cell, froth foam, flotation foam, packaging foam, and insulation foam, with viscosities to approx. 1400 cps and finished densities up to approx. 3 lb/cu ft. With special setup, densities up to 20 lb/cu ft have been successfully dispensed. Please advise E-Z Flow if special chemicals are required
GHC 110 Medium Duty System