More and more people and companies are discovering the uses of structural foam. We have one customer that builds complete houses in Third World countries, using our foam and equipment. They mold one complete wall panel at a time. Another customer molds large building blocks, about three times the size of cinder blocks, out of our foam, and then stacks those like huge Legos to build houses.

Closed cell polyurethane foam will last basically forever, and it’s a good insulator. At about 50 cents per board foot (one foot square, one inch thick), it’s also very reasonably priced, compared to other building materials. And you can mold it into any shape you want. So it’s a great choice for walls and enclosures of any kind, as long as they are anchored properly to the ground.

We have also helped our customers to produce walk-in ovens, the size of a small room, as well as walk-in refrigerators. The R (insulation) value of this material is high enough to provide effective insulation, whether you’re trying to keep the inside hot or cold.

Our customers in Hollywood also use our equipment and foam chemicals to make temporary structures as movie props, such as the caves in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series, which were made with polyurethane foam.

If you have an application for any kind of structure, where flexibility, low cost, and insulation value are all key factors, perhaps you can look at E-Z Flow’s products. Call us! We will be happy to discuss your requirements and to make suggestions.