If you already have one of our E-Z Flow systems, there are some common problems that you may run into, here is one of those problems and how to solve it.

First, this is a really simple piece of machinery. Anything you do with this equipment should only take you about ten minutes. If it’s taking longer than that, STOP and call us! Don’t spend two or three hours trying to fix something. That’s wasted time and unnecessary frustration. Call us!

I have a sign in my office: “If at first you don’t succeed… you’re probably doing it wrong.”

Whatever problems you’re having, I strongly recommend that you review our short video on “Maintenance and Repair“. You can find that video to the right with more information on the maintenance and repair page.

It’s worth ten minutes of your time to watch this.

Foam Equipment Cartridge Clogs

The single most common issue we see with packaging foam systems is cartridge clogs.

These are usually on the red or “A” side, because the isocyanate (“A” chemical) tends to form crystals that block the orifices in the cartridge.

The solution to this is to take the cartridge out of the gun (turn both the valve handles to the “OFF” position, unscrew the knob underneath, make sure the notch on the motor shaft is straight up and down, then just lift the cartridge out), squirt some SLIDE spray solvent (we provide this, and you got a can of it when you first got your system; you should be using about one can of SLIDE for each drum set of chemicals, to keep the gun and cartridge clean) into the little holes on the underside of the cartridge, where the foam comes out.

Look at it to make sure it’s clean (usually, you’ll see a little brown clot of “A” chemical come out of the orifice when you shoot the SLIDE in there), then put the cartridge back in, making sure the little white O-rings are in place, and the “saddle” (where the cartridge fits) is clean, with no foam buildup.

A buildup of foam under the cartridge will prevent the cartridge from seating properly, and may lift it high enough that the O-rings will no longer seal, then you’ll get leakage of chemical under the cartridge, which will make a real mess!),

Drop the cartridge back in, screw the knob into place to hold the cartridge down firmly, then turn the valves back on and you can continue shooting foam. If the gun is relatively clean, that whole process should take you less than two minutes. Then you’re shooting good foam again.

Many of our customers think that the pump is somehow at fault if one side is not coming out properly. The quick way to check that is to turn the valves off; remove the Filter Nut on the side that isn’t coming out; aim the gun at a waste container; then cautiously open the valve. You should get a good flow of that chemical out the filter well. Then turn off the valve (While the filter nut is off, check it to be sure it isn’t clogged; shoot some SLIDE into it, and around the inside of the filter well) and replace the Filter Nut.

In future articles, I will go into some other common problems. In the meantime, if you are having any kind of problem that you’re not familiar with, CALL US! Our office number is 858-279-3569.