A large percentage of our customers, about half, use our equipment for Foam In Place packaging. Of course, we encourage that, and we’re comfortable supplying that market.

However, there are so many more applications for polyurethane foam, and our customers keep showing us new ones. This is why we never say that we “can’t” achieve a given purpose, or fill a certain niche, with our foam and our equipment, because we usually can!

We have people who build complete houses with our foam and equipment, in Third World areas. Many operators add insulation to older houses by filling the space behind the drywall and between the joists, through a hole in the drywall that’s then patched over. Some people make buoys and floating docks with our flotation foam. I have filled inflatable toys with foam, so they will be permanently inflated. The list of potential applications is endless. If you think you can do it with polyurethane foam, you probably can, and we are willing to help you try!

Several years ago, a person came to our facility with two blow molded human torsos. He asked if we could fill them with foam. Well, that was simple enough, but he also wanted to put a big handful of paintball pellets into the mold before we filled it. So, we let him do that, and then we filled this plastic form with foam. Then he fastened a cardboard back to each one, thanked us, and left. I had no idea what he wanted those for, and dismissed it from my mind.

A couple of weeks later, the same man showed up again, with a van that was filled with these clear plastic molds, the same type that we had filled previously. He asked me if we could fill some more of these torsos. I asked how many, and he said two hundred. I told him we could do it, but this time we’d have to charge him for it. We agreed on a price, and two of us spent the rest of the day filling these torsos with foam.

When he came back to collect his molds and to pay us, I asked him what they were for. He said, “These are zombies. We paint the front of each one to look like a zombie, with green skin and decaying body parts.”

I asked about the paintball pellets. “The purpose of these is as rifle targets, and when you shoot them, they bleed!”

After he left, I admit that I had strong reservations about his choice of a product, and I didn’t expect to hear from him again.

However, about a month later, he called me to order one of our systems. I went to his factory to install it, helped him to work out the details of his process, and that company, Zombie Industries, became one of our largest customers for several years.

Some of our customers use our foam to encapsulate or waterproof electronic components. One of those needed to dispense a very small amount of foam, a shot of less than one second, to insulate a type of sensor. So we calibrated one of our timer units, and they quite successfully made several hundred of their sensors using our foam and our equipment.

If you have an unusual application, contact us, and we will see if we can make polyurethane foam work for you. We’re always willing to try! And if it’s successful and you become a regular customer, we will feature you on our website.