Jim Train – CEO, EZ Flow Foam

Jim Train is originally from the Midwest, and has lived in California since 1980. He worked in the electronics industry before starting E-Z Flow Foam Systems in 2001.
Jim is an entrepreneur, inventor, engineer, and historian, among other things. He has built up E-Z Flow to about ten times the volume of the first few years.
When he isn’t overseeing the manufacturing of polyurethane foam dispensing systems, or talking to customers, he is restoring 1920’s and 1930’s technology: cars, gramophones, radios, telephones, cameras, etc. He’s always happy to talk about the 1920’s, and he wishes that Calvin Coolidge was still the President.

Jim Train

Recent Posts by Jim Train in the EZ Flow Blog

Testing Foam

As far as we know (and please let us know if we are wrong!), E-Z Flow Foam Systems is the ONLY non-captive (not owned by a foam blender or manufacturer) company that offers testing of any company's polyurethane foam products in our equipment. We will evaluate the data...

Structural Foam

More and more people and companies are discovering the uses of structural foam. We have one customer that builds complete houses in Third World countries, using our foam and equipment. They mold one complete wall panel at a time. Another customer molds large building...

Access to the Boss

E-Z Flow Foam Systems doesn't currently have a receptionist. If you call the main number, 858-279-3569 (279-FLOW), the person answering is usually John Gowen, our Sales Manager. If you're calling with a problem or a technical question, John can usually help you. If...